Take your purse and turn upside down, yes shake it all out!  I want you to see exactly how much you are carrying on a day to day basis.

Enjoy going through the pile and dumping those old receipts, unused store cards, old mints and the randomized items you often find in the treasure box that is your purse.
Put back only staple items.  Here is what I consider staple:  Your keys, cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, necessary makeup, feminine items, pen and notebook. Take pleasure in how light it is!

Were you storing unnecessary multiple items in there? i.e more than one lipstick, pen, notebook?

Some people believe that the contents of your purse reflects the state of your mind, is this true for you?

I make this a personal Sunday night routine to empty my purse and wallet and get it all prepped for the busy week ahead.  Take joy in preparing your purse for a clutter free, happy day!

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